Why you should use Virsagi website

The most time consuming work for a Singapore Agent/Employer is to source for reliable Dhaka agents who have workers bios for placements. The most time consuming work for a Dhaka Agent is to source for reliable Singapore agents/Employers. Our own contacts are usually limited. By using the Virsagi website, the job is done for you. Thus, Singapore Agents need only to spend time on procuring orders from Employers, and Dhaka Agents need only to spend time on sourcing for more qualified workers. Using the Virsagi website represents a win-win for both Dhaka and Singapore Agents/Employers.


Excellent start to Virsagi website

Since the start of this website, it has received orders for 25 new and u turn workers. The number of Dhaka agents who have registered has increased day by day. In addition, the website has received enquiries from 7 Singapore Agents and employers which it is currently following up.

BCA March test closing date

The March 2019 BCA test closing date is on 20th February 2019

A new Main Con Order

A Main Con specialising in HDB building works has placed a new order for 3 new workers. Dhaka agents with new workers are invited to apply

How the Program Works

Step 1

Workers intending to work in Singapore must register their bios with any Dhaka Licensed Recruitment Agent.

Step 2

Dhaka Licensed Recruitment Agent will then register their workers on this website.

Step 3

Website agents market the workers to Licensed Singapore Recruitment Agents/Employers.

Step 4

When IPAs are approved, website agents will coordinate with Dhaka Agent/S’pore Agent or Employer to bring workers to Singapore.

There is no cost involved. We have the largest pool of Dhaka Agents and complement the sourcing efforts of Singapore Employers/Employment Agencies. We also complement the marketing efforts of Dhaka Agents, once you register with us, you have access to a very large pool of Singapore Employers/Employment Agents.